Flor de Maçã – US

PREMIUM RETAIL – FINISHERS FLOR DE MAÇÃ SHARE 01 FLOR DE MAÇÃ HAIR CUTICLE SEALER BASED ON APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Developed based on a compound of apple cider vinegar and noble ingredients that seals the cuticles, balances the PH of the hair, enhances and promotes greater durability to the treatments previously done, helping in the […]

Magic Reduce

PREMIUM RETAIL – FINISHERS MAGIC REDUCE SHARE 01 MAGIC REDUCE INSTANT AND TEMPORARY VOLUME REDUCTION AND CAPILLARY ALIGNMENT Indispensable in any salon, this finisher is activated with the heat of the dryers and flat irons, having an instantaneous and magical effect of capillary alignment and volume reduction, eliminating frizz until the next wash. Its action […]

Perfect Rep Hair

PREMIUM RETAIL – FINISHERS PERFECT REP HAIR SHARE 01 PERFECT REP HAIR A BIPHASIC FINISHER IN SPRAY Repair supplement for all types of hair, especially the most damaged and dull ones. It has a reconditioning and detangling formula, which nourishes and revitalizes the hair fibre, raising shine and softness to the hair with thermal and […]

Essential Oil Brazil

PREMIUM RETAIL – FINISHERS ESSENTIAL OIL BRAZIL SHARE 01 ESSENTIAL OIL BRAZIL ESSENTIAL OILS 5 IN 1 A blend of five noble oils with antioxidant agents that fight the aging of the hair fibre, providing equilibrate levels of fatty acids and nutrients that strengthen the hair and provide the rejuvenated and healthy appearance of a […]

Perfect Serum Cristal

PREMIUM RETAIL – FINISHERS PERFECT SERUM CRISTAL SHARE 01 PERFECT SERUM CRISTAL OIL-FREE FINISHER SERUM The Perfect Serum Cristal is a high-impact daily finisher without an oily base, which provides hydrating, conditioning and anti-frizz action, making the hair strong and shiny, with a diamond effect. It was developed with elements that help in the protection […]

Amazon Flowers

REMIUM RETAIL – HOME CARE AMAZON FLOWERS HOME CARE SHARE 01 PERFECT CARE HYDRATING SHAMPOO CONDITIONER AND HAIR MASK SUITABLE FOR STRAIGHTEN HAIR Developed with a balanced formula enriched with nutrients and moisturizing elements as macadamia oil, coconut oil and passion fruit oil, the daily use of this kit favours the maintenance and daily care […]

Perfect Care Lumini Collor

PREMIUM RETAIL – HOME CARE PERFECT CARE LUMINI COLLOR SHARE 01 PERFECT CARE LUMINI COLLOR HYDRATING SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER AND HAIR MASK SUITABLE FOR DYED HAIR Essential kit for daily maintenance of dyed hair. Enriched with wheat protein,goji berry and avocado oil, it nourishes and enhances the colours and luminosity of the hair during daily care. […]

Perfect Care Blond Violeta Flowers

PREMIUM RETAIL – HOME CARE PERFECT CARE BLOND VIOLETA FLOWERS SHARE 01 PERFECT CARE BLOND VIOLETA FLOWERS HYDRATING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONING HAIR MASK SUITABLE TO BLOND HAIR This is an indispensable kit for the daily maintenance of blond hair, bleached or with highlights. Contains the Violeta Flowers compound, which has antioxidant action, neutralizes orange and yellow […]

Gelatina Capilar de Melancia

PREMIUM RETAIL – RESTRUCTURING GELATINA CAPILAR DE MELANCIA SHARE 01 MELANCIA WATERMELON HAIR GELATIN It is a capillary restructuring and hydration treatment. It has in its formula watermelon extracts, nutrient vitamins and collagen, which helps in the elasticity and strengthening of the hair. Promoting renewal, beauty and a lot of shine. BUY NOW EXCLUSIVE also […]

Gelatina Capilar Matizadora

PREMIUM RETAIL – RESTRUCTURING GELATINA CAPILAR MATIZADORA SHARE 01 GELATINA CAPILAR TONE CORRECTOR HAIR GELATIN Promoting hydration, collagen replacement and restructuring the hair fibre, Its state-of-the-art ingredients neutralize the yellow and orange tones of the strands and return the nutrients lost in the day-to-day, making the hair beautiful and with an intense shine. BUY NOW EXCLUSIVE […]