We are Amazon Flowers

We are
amazon flowers

The solution in professional cosmetics

Through our professional cosmetics, we develop an exclusive project, making our partners great entrepreneurs in the field, with knowledge and guarantee of successful, profitable and quality work.

Commitment and responsibility

We seek to serve with excellence the professional cosmetics market with innovative, high-performance, and safe products, tested and approved by rigorous international laboratories, making them accessible to the national trade, bringing profitability, quality and market competitiveness to our customers, respecting others and the environment with honesty, humility, discipline, ethics and punctuality.

Affiliated with the main national and international chambers of commerce.

We respect animals, as our products are not tested on animals.

Business opportunity

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur and achieve financial independence?

Your place is here!

It is your time to fly!

Our mission is to create successful entrepreneurs through a profitable
business with low investment. We currently have more than 500 national and
international distributors.

Only Amazon Flowers offers!

Administrative support

Support your business plan so you can control your distributor’s finances
and keep growing.

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Commercial support

We provide training for you and your team on various topics, such as approaching customers, breaking objections and even more.

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Technical support

We have a technical support department made up of specialists, available during business hours so that your customers and your sales team can master over all the products.

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Discover the advantages of being an Amazon Flowers distributor!

More than 500 national and international distributors

Products made exclusively for professionals

We do not sell in stores

Present in more than 50 countries